One Last Kill Psychological thriller independent movie
Who says there's nothing good on Public Access?!

Unfortunately, shortly after the completion of ONE LAST KILL, I had a slew of things come at me that made properly promoting the movie impossible. I'm finally able to get back on track now, but I'd like to share with you some of the reviews the movie got before my marketing hiatus.

Of course, I'll be adding new reviews as they come in.

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The DVD cover of One Last Kill


From the indie movie site,
"A solid pot-boiling psycho-thriller"
Read the entire review HERE.

From the very respected Rogue Cinema:
"I must congratulate writer/director/star Williams of pulling off some great writing as well as a frightening performance as Starks - a killer that is definitely different from the norm."
Read this review HERE.

A follow-up interview I gave to Rogue Cinema can be seen HERE.

STAY TUNED! More to come!