One Last Kill Psychological thriller independent movie
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Okay, here we go... This is the trailer to ONE LAST KILL!
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Curtis gives lead psychologist - and pompous windbag - Garrison Hirsch, the opportunity to end this nightmare... However, the cost for a misstep in the game may be too high a price to pay for the haughty doc.

One of the more curious actions Curtis takes involves the young cameraman named Billy. The brutish murderer continually calls out and belittles the young man for no apparent reason... When the reason is finally revealed, it proves to be even more twisted than one could have imagined.

While it's hard to imagine this man with a soulmate; a loving wife, it's even harder to understand when he is sincere and when he is simply deranged.

Ready to see ONE LAST KILL? You can always order the DVD at AMAZON, and now, you can also watch the movie online through Amazon for only $2.99! However, I am currently working to find the movie a good home on the Internet, where I plan to make viewing it free...

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